Debate Video and Final Video Update

The debate video I created was played at the KSU Debate Alumni Reunion reception on Saturday night. It went over really well and I was pleased to be able to put something like this together. It’s the first video for KSU debate and I hope to make an even better one next year. I would not have been able to do anything like this before I took Digital Ethnography. The whole project really makes me feel like I’ve gained so many skills: working with video, learning to tell a story, and engaging with a particular community.

Because of the debate video project, I’m a bit behind on the final video for the class but I’m working away at it and I really think it’s going to be fun. 🙂 Should be up here in the next few days!

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a nomad currently wandering through Kansas State University a student and practitioner of digital ethnography an addict with a weakness for words and ideas a moment stretched beyond easy comfort a love shared among infinite Others

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