Final Project

Drum roll please…

Here’s my final video. 🙂 There’s a lot of time and help that went into the final project. I’m pretty pleased with it. I was able to incorporate things that I’ve known how to do for a long time, like performance poetry and drawing, with things that I’ve only recently learned, like video editing, loop-based music, and story telling. The experience has been really rewarding and I’ve already been able to put the skills I’ve learned from Digital Ethnography to use (for the Debate Video!).

I also uploaded a version of the video without music, for remixing purposes.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone else’s final drafts. I’ll post links to them here when everything is all done. 🙂


Debate Video and Final Video Update

The debate video I created was played at the KSU Debate Alumni Reunion reception on Saturday night. It went over really well and I was pleased to be able to put something like this together. It’s the first video for KSU debate and I hope to make an even better one next year. I would not have been able to do anything like this before I took Digital Ethnography. The whole project really makes me feel like I’ve gained so many skills: working with video, learning to tell a story, and engaging with a particular community.

Because of the debate video project, I’m a bit behind on the final video for the class but I’m working away at it and I really think it’s going to be fun. 🙂 Should be up here in the next few days!