Draft 2: Video Updates

Progress!!! Maybe…

Here’s the second draft with music:

Here’s the second draft without music:

As you may have noticed, I am still missing about 45 seconds worth of visual. I want to get some footage from the Digital Ethnography classroom for this portion, but I haven’t been able to snag it yet. It is on my list of things to do. I don’t really know how I feel about all the visuals I’ve put together so far. I really enjoy the mural at the end and I think the last bit of walking down the long hallway in kedzie are well suited to the music and the poem, but I don’t know that the rest of it works nearly as well as I’d like. At least the audio is much clearer this time! 🙂

Any ideas?


where to next? a plan!

Well, draft 1 is a bit underwhelming. Never fear! Where the visuals are absent, I now have a plan of attack. I am still going to re-record the audio (improve the quality, do some editing, &ect) but, given the current recording, I’ve made the following notes on what is to come.


I am interested in capturing the mood of the lyrics without dramatizing them or doing really obvious illustrations. The absence of people in the majority of the video will (hopefully) create space for the words to be absorbed.

1:00-1:15, start in a classroom, end walking out of the classroom
1:15-1:30-1:37, start in a hallway, look at a crowded bulletin board, walk out then go outside
1:37- 1:57, walk through alley in aggieville then past SOS
1:57- 2:22, walk around digital eth classroom
2:22- 2:32, show me sitting in the classroom
2:32-2:52- outside, have camera pan around in a circle
2:52-3:08- walk up a staircase
3:08-3:11 look down stairs
3:11-3:51 run out of the building and keep going
3:51-3:52 stop running and look around
3:54 4:47- i wan’t to bring people back now. the community spoken into existence should be a group of ppl, maybe just together, maybe holding hands, and just looking over each of the people involved
4:47-5:00- end up looking at me, speaking the last words to the camera

Cracks/Fissures Draft 1

It’s been an exhausting and inspiring weekend. I returned from the Great Plains Poetry Pile Up earlier this afternoon. Over the course of two days, I got to see over 30 poets and over 100 poems. There’s no way to encounter so many words and NOT be moved- I was no exception.

I wasn’t very happy with the direction of the video I’d been working on. The mash-up collage was unable to express the sort of cohesion or conclusion I feel the ending needs. So I wrote up a poem/narrative that both explicates and demonstrates the alternative methods of learning I advocate. I also scratched all the found footage so far even though I haven’t found something to replace it. Unfortunately, I did not bring a camera with me this weekend, or even check one out.

Since I’ve changed up the direction of the video, this first draft is less far along than I’d like. Stil, it has the footae from the begining with new music and a possible track playing during the audio of the poem for the second half.

Here’s a link to the text of the poem: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KXOG_ciw5HG_Wirov5MIOAXIS2b0gt8ReRy8rQfkOzY/edit?pli=1&hl=en#

I would like to record the poem in the sound booth and then star working on hunting down visualizations.

The Male Gaze meets Xploitation Films: Feminism and Cinema in 1973


I made this video for a class presentation in English 830. I’m pretty excited! I never would have been able to put together a video for a class project before taking Digital Ethnography and I think the form is particularly well suited for exploring Laura Mulvey’s theorizing on the Male Gaze. It is far more effective to show audio and visual than to just talk about it for ten minutes.