fat tuesday adventuring

This year, for Fat Tuesday, I decided to take the suggestion literally. I invited a handfull of friends over for an Epic Mealtime themed dinner. If you haven’t watched their videos on youtube, you should srsly do so. Immediately.

The lovely Aaron Abbott  (of Bacon & Eggs in the Morning) live-blogged the event, capturing all sorts of pictures of our monstrous creations. You can read his account of Fat Tuesday here. While you’re there, I recommend checking out the rest of his blog Bacon is my  Anti-Drug. The content is primarily playlists from his radio show on the Wildcat 91.9, but there are also some posts on food, interviews with musicians, and cultural commentary.

It’s a good thing I’m giving up meat for Lent. After all that bacon, I’m not sure I could willingly eat any for a long time. 🙂

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a nomad currently wandering through Kansas State University a student and practitioner of digital ethnography an addict with a weakness for words and ideas a moment stretched beyond easy comfort a love shared among infinite Others

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