i am not unique

I happened upon this documentary on creativity by Saul Bass from 1968 and was immediately struck by the stylistic similarities among the vost2011 videos, particularly the use capturing writing for visual narration.

Other similarities included the creation and transgression of boundaries, most noticeable in the first animated sequence of the progression of technological development, the control by machines in the cross walk scene, the use of cycles everywhere- the digression, the image overlays of water/desert/water/desert, the same stories with different details, forms repeating ad infinitum. At this point, I’m no longer talking about the specific comparison between vost2011 videos and Bass’s documentary but rather the forms and patterns that course through everything. Maybe I just don’t know how to look at things right- but I see repetition everywhere.

The conclusion of the video argues that we create as an attempt to declare our unique identity but this is difficult for me to follow. I am not unique and I am ok with that. My creative process is a gathering and synthesis of ideas, teasing out convergences and divergences over and over. It’s nothing new but I don’t think that detracts from that. I create in order to participate in the process of creation, to be part of a pattern, a cycle, I create to be the same.

There are different motivations and approaches to creativity- so much so that any single answer doesn’t make much sense to me. I’m interested in other’s accounts of the creative process: does the documentary ring true? What inspires you? Why do you create?


Chronicle of Higher Ed covers VOST2011

Oh look- the Chronicle of Higher Education posted about Visions of Students Today. You can check it out here. It’s an odd feeling to read about something you’re working on…

I was reading the comments on the post and one user, mrmars, brought up some criticisms about the project as it is currently represented. His (or her) words started me thinking about what the purpose of the project currently is and what I/we would like it to be. My response is visible in the comments section (under pataphyz).

So far, a descriptive vision of students today is emerging but I’m a lot less clear as to what a prescriptive vision would include. I’ll try to explore that with my next video but right now I feel a little in over my head. It’s like- who am I to offer insight on education? Why should my opinion be relevant? But then I look to policies being implemented in public school systems currently and I look to the frustrations I see in my classes and I read on the blogs and I think that it’s probably still better to try and say something anyway. I’ll probably change my mind and retreat to reading what others have to offer, but even a synthesis of that could be productive. Such is.


LOLcats & the rev: thoughts on the internet and political mobalization

“Dissent is not just about knowing what you think but about the formation of a public. A public is not just about what you know. Publics form through knowing that other people know what you know–and also knowing that they know what you know…Yes, all those parts of the Web that are ridiculed by some of the critics of Internet’s potential–the LOLcats, Facebook, the three million baby pictures, the slapstick, talking about the weather, the food and the trials and tribulations of life–are exactly the backbone of community, and ultimately the creation of public(s).”


Theses two of seven written about the role  of the internet and political movements, written in response to recent developments in Egypt. Read more at technosociology: our tools, our lives.


< technology is sexy. nothing like the sheen of a screen/the whisper of power pulsing through plastic/the overload of tabs and information and inputs/euphoric excess. patterns coalesce into electric sheep and i dream orgasmic non-organic. expansive nets of knowledge not tied to a given location. liberation through transformation.

connect me. export me. trafic me beyond the known. imaginary homes actualized without conscious understanding. unconscious commanding shaping the creation of a home/page/place/space. erasing borders threatens the content but why accept the current content of consumption. i’ll consume my conversations in pixilized bytes, my affection in sardonic asides, my information in downloadable size.

real life, a figment of the imagination. conservative manipulation designed to impede, to cede inherent agency in technological development. perpetuating the myth that we are not tools, that we do not use tools. naturalization masking machination. how silly/tragic/repetitive to frame a qualitative question on a quantitative difference. are my interactions really so different—? try looking close enough to see. >

Vision of Student Today 2011 Video

here’s the first version of my project. i struggled with making sense of all the 1st person point of view footage i’d recorded. there were some sweet scenes but they didn’t say anything significant about education or education at k-state or even my classes. sight alone does not capture the ‘vision’ of my education- at least not in any significant way. instead, my education is filtered through the experience of the body. i wasn’t sure how to express the visceral nature of this process- which became even more important when i noticed that the visceral elements were those which other students, teachers, and administrators can’t (or don’t) readily see. the paint is an attempt to make this multi-sensory approach visible, to project comprehensive experiences onto the face in a very stylized/symbolic way.